We Are Brothers

  Lennis and I considered the song We Are Brothers our “theme song” and closed every live show with it. I remember the song fondly, and I very closely identify the song with the persona of the Summers Brothers. But that’s not exactly how the song started out. In high school, I was close friends with brothers Chuck and Joe […]

The Morning Sun

The Summers Brothers–The Morning Sun © 1974 The Morning Sun is special to me for several reasons. Lennis and I–as the Summers Brothers–had been living in Austin trying to make a splash on the Austin Music scene. This was the fall of 1973. Come October, Dad’s declining health had resulted in us deciding to move back home from Austin to […]

‘Til We Are One

  The Summers Brothers–‘Til We Are One © 1977 ‘Til We Are One is a Summers Brothers song that features acoustic guitar, mandolin, and two-part harmony. When I listen to this song, one thing strikes me. The primary theme is a longing for the unity of mankind. I think this song is even more relevant now than it was in […]

The River Song

  The Summers Brothers–The River Song © 1976 Lennis and I wrote The River Song in 1976. It’s one of my favorite Summers Brothers tunes. The Summers Brothers’ songwriting approach usually went something like this: Lennis or I would write a song. Once one of us had completed a song, we’d play it for the other, and then work together […]

A New Day’s Begun

  The Summers Brothers–A New Day’s Begun © 1975 A New Day’s Begun is one of Lennis’ best songs. The Summers Brothers began playing this one shortly after Lennis wrote it in 1975. Even after the Summers Brothers split up, this song was in Lennis’ song list and was played by many of the groups that Lennis was in after […]