We Are Brothers

  Lennis and I considered the song We Are Brothers our “theme song” and closed every live show with it. I remember the song fondly, and I very closely identify the song with the persona of the Summers Brothers. But that’s not exactly how the song started out. In high school, I was close friends with brothers Chuck and Joe […]

The Morning Sun

The Summers Brothers–The Morning Sun © 1974 The Morning Sun is special to me for several reasons. Lennis and I–as the Summers Brothers–had been living in Austin trying to make a splash on the Austin Music scene. This was the fall of 1973. Come October, Dad’s declining health had resulted in us deciding to move back home from Austin to […]

‘Til We Are One

  The Summers Brothers–‘Til We Are One © 1977 ‘Til We Are One is a Summers Brothers song that features acoustic guitar, mandolin, and two-part harmony. When I listen to this song, one thing strikes me. The primary theme is a longing for the unity of mankind. I think this song is even more relevant now than it was in […]