A New Day’s Begun


The Summers Brothers–A New Day’s Begun © 1975

A New Day’s Begun is one of Lennis’ best songs. The Summers Brothers began playing this one shortly after Lennis wrote it in 1975. Even after the Summers Brothers split up, this song was in Lennis’ song list and was played by many of the groups that Lennis was in after the Summers Brothers.

The video is special to (and emotional for) me. I prepared this video to honor Lennis, his life, and his music. It was used in his online memorial service.

The video is—loosely speaking—the story of Lennis’ life. It starts with showing pictures of Lennis as a child, and then as a teenager. It moves into his involvement with music and the Summers Brothers. Then it transitions into his family life in which he sees his son, Will, grow from a child into a man, and finishes with Lennis spending time with his first granddaughter.


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